Joshua Kim - CMAHK

Joshua Kim

Mr. Joshua Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Mr. Kim is a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park and the Universityof Maryland Law School.

Mr. Kim entered on duty as a Special Agent (SA) of the FBI in April 1997.Upon graduation from New Agent Training, Mr. Kim was assigned to the FBI’s New York Division. In 2004, he was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) in New Yorkand was responsible for investigations involving economic espionage.In 2012, Mr. Kim was selected as a SSA at FBI Headquarters, Counter terrorism Division and was responsible for terrorism related matters in Afghanistan.

Mr. Kim was promoted to Unit Chief (UC) in the FBI Cyber Division in 2013. As UC, he was responsible for leading cyber investigations emanating from 16 FBI Field Offices. In this capacity, Mr. Kim oversaw major investigations and initiatives, including Operation Clean Slate,Operation Wellspring, and the Cyber’s Most Wanted. In 2014, Mr. Kim was assigned as an Acting Assistant Section Chief, Cyber Division. In this capacity, Mr. Kim led the investigative efforts on significant cyber cases including Sony Picture Entertainment, Anthem, and Office of Personnel Management.

Mr. Kim reported to Hong Kong as theLegal Attaché on April 7, 2016 and has responsibilitiesfor Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Unit Chief (UC)