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Benefits of Joining CMA

Professional Development

Participate in the Asian Club Managers’ Conference, workshops, educational seminars, get the latest updates in the Club industry and receive credits from the CMAA chapter.

Club resources

Participate in the annual Salary and Benefits Survey and receive the most up-to-date remuneration package data from participating clubs in Hong Kong.

Job Opportunities

Complimentary job openings and candidate CVs posted by member clubs and search firms

Social and Networking

Join the social events hosted by our member clubs and mingle with other club professionals.


Featured conferences

No conferences.

Our Members


Camaraderie among like-minded professionals.  The sharing of information, experience, market intelligence and best practice.   Supporting the advancement of the club management profession, sponsorship of research and education and assisting and mentoring to students interested in club management.

And finally, the promotion of friendly relations and fellowship over a good dinner and bottle of wine!

As a founding member of the CMAHK and friend to the association for the past 28 years, I can, without hesitation, say that these factors make it crucial for all club managers in Hong Kong to join and enjoy the benefits of the CMAHK.


Former General Manager of the Ladies’ Recreation Club, Hong Kong

Suzanne Watkinson

On the occasion of The Club Managers’ Association of Hong Kong launching a new website

I have been a member of the Association for over 20 years and enjoyed thoroughly the
company of all the fellow members and all the activities I had attended.

The Association has an excellent membership profile, covering a wide range of senior
executives from different private clubs in Hong Kong. It is an excellent platform for private
club professionals to meet and share information and experience, through formal meetings
and gatherings or private contacts.

Kevin Yuen

The CMAHK offers the chance to share experiences and learn from fellow Club Managers some
of the same issues that I’m dealing with in the Club industry. To have an association that is
looking out for my best interest from a regulatory and legislative standpoint is very invaluable. I highly recommend any professionals in the club industry to join the association.

Noel Burns

Congratulations to the CMA of HK on the launch of the new website.

Promoting the association and raising awareness of the diverse career paths that the club
industry offers will be of long term benefit to the association members.

Many thanks to Boss Digital and the association committee members for developing the new

Macau Golf and Country Club

When I started as General Manager of the HKCC, this was my first role in Club Management.
The CMA is a group of like-minded people with many years of Management experience, a
magnificent resource providing guidance in best practice, market trends, problem solutions as
well as friendships across the Industry.
I highly recommend the CMA to all involved in Club Management.

Kieran Hale

CMAHK Resources

Become a Member

There are four types of membership:

Full Member

Those members who have qualified for full membership, having served the requisite time as an Associate Member. Full Members have voting privileges and may serve as an Executive Committee member of the Association.


Associate Member

New Members will be classified as Associate Members for a period of twelve months.  During this period, if they attend at

least three meetings held, they will automatically become Full Members at the expiry of the designated twelve months. Associate Members may not vote or serve as an Executive Committee member of the Association.


Affiliate Member

Persons not employed as Club Managers, but in the view of the Association, may contribute to its development and success. Affiliate Members may not vote or serve as an Executive Committee member of the Association.


Honorary Member

Such persons as decided by the majority of members at a convened meeting, may be admitted as Honorary Members.

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