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Kim Murphy is a seasoned food and nutrition professional who enjoys an envied reputation in the Asianhospitality scene. She has parlayed her significant 30 year experience working with hotels, restaurantsand food suppliers; and her nutrition education into a successful consultancy firm for the Hospitalityindustry–Food And Beverage Solutions Limited (FABS)

FABS started as a restaurant management and hospitality consulting firm and is today a Nutritional Foodand Beverage Consultancy. Kim has recently launched her new brand Wellness Solutions providing aresource base for individuals, corporations and food and beverage operations on all things related toquality nutrition and wellness.

As Managing Director, Ms Murphy brings to the business over 30 years’ experience in food and beverageconsulting with a highly regarded reputation for quality and integrity. Kim has worked for over 25 yearsin Hong Kong and has at some point worked with almost every five-star hotel. She is a qualifiednutritionist specializing in food as medicine, a holder of a WSET Diploma of Wine, a BA in Marketing,with a driving passion for the pursuit of health and wellbeing for all her clients through the food we eat

Kim is currently retained as the nutritional advisor for The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotel Group. Sheregular presents at seminars and wellness retreats. Kim is dedicated to the reeducation of the role thatgood nutrition in wellness; especially to her industry peers and highlighting how it will shape the future of the food and beverage industry

Clients include individuals seeking to make changes to their health through clinical expertise; to largefood manufacturers and retail corporations wanting to embrace the latest nutritional knowledge in theirown food service, Wellness Solutions is able to offer meaningful wellness solutions that work.


Through FABS and its sister company the Wine Institute of Asia (WIA) launched in 1995, Ms Murphy andher colleagues havesuccessfully managed and consulted on a wide range of hospitality projects.

One of the distinguishing features of all activities has been that of education. Whilst her expertise isbroad, of specific interests are her skills in new innovations for food preparation, marketing and training, strategic planning, and concept development for food and beverage operations. Her expertise in projectmanagement and hands on pre-opening of food and beverage operations maximises these strengths.

Additionally, it’s been an distinguishing trait of FABS to understand global trends and to translate theminto implementable programmes. FABS focus over the years has been to establish best practice andmanage cutting-edge change for all their clients.

Nutrition and Wellness:

Ms Murphy is the holderof an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from The Australian College ofNatural Therapies. She believes that in today’s fast paced, fast-food world that individuals are seekingsolutions and offerings that provide a new way of living and consuming.Nutrition and Wellness are nolonger an ideal but are now a necessity.

Kimoffersa unique set ofskills and experience.It is rareto find a hospitality professionalproficient inbalancing innovativecreativeinput;food and beverage operations;solid management consultancy andfinancial disciplines; witha soundacademic and practicalknowledge of nutrition and wellnessapplications. Kim is experienced in working directly with leading chefs and senior hotel staff in acollaborative and empowering way.

Today, Wellness Solutionsalsooffers a unique nutritional product throughspecific clinical adviceandeducation. For corporations, Wellness Solutions is consultancy that brings nutrition and wellnessprinciples into their businesses through bespoke programmes that are tailored for their needs in aholistic way to include all aspects of its operations.

Supporting Activities:

Kim has also held a number of positions that have provided her with the experience and authority toprovide the services that she does:

  • Ms Murphy has been the Chair of the Management Committee for the Great Chefs of Hong Kong, ahighlysuccessful annual fundraising initiative for the Heep Hong Society for 14 years. This unusualassociation with Hong Kong’s five star chefs, restaurants and hotels works because of Kim’s personalstanding in this community. Everyday competitors become collaborators in this unique and verypopular event. She is also developing an education programme called Nutrition for Children withlearning difficulties directed at both staff and parents.
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and MacauKim was a Board Director for ten years of Hong Kong’s second largest international Chamber. Sheactively represented the Board on its highly regarded Sustainable Development Committee and wasa founder member of its Food and Beverage Committee.She was of Judge of the annual Australia-China Business Awards for eight years and FABS was awinner of the Australian Business Award for Innovation in 1995.Kim is a passionate supported of sustainability and represented the Chamber with a seat on theBusiness Coalition for the Environment (BCE).
  • Kim was a founding member of the HK Chapter of Slow Food in 2006

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