Rowena Gonzales - CMAHK

Rowena Gonzales

Rowena Gonzales is a creative with purpose. Based in Hong Kong, her firm Liquid Interiors has earned award-winning international acclaim with their unique portfolio that brings wellness and sustainability to city living. Specializing in luxury living spaces, Gonzales’ approach aims to bring happiness to people by making each space tell a unique story about the client in a way that enhances a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Her aim is to make a positive impact by improving spaces where people spend most of their time. Gonzales’ portfolio ranges from bespoke residential, residential development, workplace, hospitality, community and wellness spaces.

Her practice is guided by the highest standards of sustainability and wellness in the built environment, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the WELL Building Standard. Liquid Interiors has an impressive portfolio with works located in Hong Kong, China, and Europe. Her style brings emotion and meaning to every space in a sophisticated and modern way balanced with nature. After completing a Zero Waste challenge in her family home she feels it a calling to share her experience others and inspire change one step at a time.

Liquid Interiors
Principal Interior Designer